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We only focus on and specialize in the coffee field. Our team consists of a number of professionals with authoritative coffee certifications, including certifications from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and Sustainable Coffee Institute (SCI), Q-Grader coffee tasters, SCA certified coffee roasters, and SCA certified coffee trainers, etc. With a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience, our team has a solid and professional foundation in the coffee industry.

Though our team is not large, we are well equipped with the key functional departments. Our company consists of the Coffee R&D Team, the Marketing Team, the Sales Consultant Team, the Operation Team, the After-sales Service Team, the Factory Procurement Department, the Production Management Department and other core functional teams with clear division of labor and close cooperation. This ensures the product quality and stability, barrier-free communication with customers, and high service quality and efficiency.

Although our organization is no match in size compared to that of the world's top 100 companies, many of our teammates have worked in well-known industry leading companies, and they have brought a broad vision, rich experience, and strong direction to our small team.

It is another key trait of our team that we all have an enduring passion for coffee. In the recruitment process, all interviewees will face an important screening question which is, "do you love coffee?" Thus, the daily work of our teammates is to do what they love. The devotion of our teammates is the foundation of our creativity.
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